The Academic Association of Scientific Staff at ETH Zurich (AVETH) is the official representation of doctoral students and higher scientific staff at ETH. AVETH counts more than 2000 members and is organized in 18 sub-associations in all departments at ETH.

Game Night 2

February 6, 2018 9:59 am

Our first Game Night organized in October 2017 was a great success! For this reason AVETH, GRC UZH and VAUZ will meet once again in the second joint “Game Night”. During the game night PhDs, postdocs and scientific staff from ETH and UZH play strategy games such as “Saboteur”, “Codenames”, “Mafia” and lots of others! Mixed groups of 8-10 people will be formed at the time of the event. Have other games? Feel free to bring them along and teach others how to play! Good time, drinks and snacks are guaranteed!


Upcoming Funding Opportunities

February 5, 2018 10:24 am

Call for Opportunity grants will support activities of Swiss researchers from universities, universities of applied sciences or public research institutes linked to specific events or incidents in China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), Japan, South Korea and member states of ASEAN. All senior scientists of Swiss federal and cantonal universities, universities of applied sciences and universities of teachers’ education, as well as public research institutions, are eligible to apply. For more information, visit here.


Event on “Swiss and European research funding sources”

January 29, 2018 6:33 pm

Last week AVETH and the ETH Library organised an event on sources of research funding for last year PhD students, Postdocs and Senior Scientists. During the event we learned about funding opportunities both in Switzerland and through the EU, and what ETH can offer of services for complying with the new open access and data management regulations from EU and SNSF. The event was video recorded (link will be uploaded soon) for those of you who missed it. Links to the slides can be found here: