The Academic Association of Scientific Staff at ETH Zurich (AVETH) is the official representation of doctoral students and higher scientific staff at ETH. AVETH counts more than 2000 members and is organized in 18 sub-associations in all departments at ETH.


Tour to waste burning power plant Hagenholz

October 29, 2017 3:10 pm

Last week AVETH visited Hagenholz waste incineration plant in Zürich. During the guided tour we learned that Switzerland produces more waste per capita compared to other countries. However, although the recycling rate of 54 percent is above the European average of 28 percent (2015), Switzerland is among the largest waste producers in Europe (730 kg of waste per capita in 2014). For comparison Germany (617 kg per capita in 2013), Austria (578 kg), Sweden (458 kg) and Iceland (345 kg) are the smaller waste producers. Since the introduction of landfilling ban in Switzerland on 1 January 2000, all non-recycled combustible waste must be incinerated.