Wed. 31.05.2017: Beyer Clock and Watch Museum guided tour

May 19, 2017 Anna No comments exist

AVETH is inviting you to see one of the world’s leading private collections of clocks that can be found at the Beyer Clock and Watch Museum. Over 300 very valuable exhibits present the history of timekeeping from 1400 BC to the present day: from sundials to water and tower clocks, Renaissance automata, magnificent pendulum clocks, elaborately decorated pocket watches and the prototype of the first quartz wristwatch. Scientific navigation devices and some very fragile automatic watches are also featured. Due to the size of the museum number of participants is limited to 15.


When: Wednesday, 31. May 2017, 17:00-18:00 (date was UPDATED)

Where:  Bahnhofstrasse 31, Zurich

Price: free (tickets are covered by AVETH)

How: Registration here. Only 15 places available

Questions? Contact Neringa Mannerheim directly.

Remark: We will meet in front of the museum 5 minutes before the tour starts!

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