New AVETH board and commission members elected

October 6, 2017 Martin Roszkowski No comments exist

The 48th AVETH general assembly elected a number of new coordinators, board and commission members last September.

  • Treasurer Telejob: Stark Roger
  • Events coordinator: Neringa Mannerheim
  • PostDocs coordinator: Iselin Medhaug
  • Politics coordinator: Luca Isenmann
  • Board member: Anastasia Sycheva
  • Board member: Deepak Kumar Ravi
  • Board member: Diyora Salimova
  • Board member: Ian De Albuquerque
  • Board member: Sasha Cisar
  • Board member: Tanja Eberhart
  • Commission member: Carl Philipp Rosenau
  • Commission member: Alina Teuscher

Martin Roszkowski was elected as the new president of AVETH. He replaces Arik Jung who presided since March 2016.

The board would like to thank the former members of the board and commissions and especially Arik Jung for their work and contribution to AVETH and wishes them all the best.

The board members at the GA in September 2017
The board members at the GA in September 2017

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