An appeal from AVETH

November 3, 2017 Martin Roszkowski No comments exist

We released today a public “appeal from AVETH” after the newspaper NZZ am Sonntag published an article about the alleged bullying and overall unethical treatment of doctoral students and postdocs by a professor in the Institute for Astronomy at the Department of Physics. As a reaction to this case, the institute at D-PHYS was suspended and an investigation launched. (see various links below for more information)

We are first and foremost relieved that the affected students finally received help and we wish them all the best.

We informed our members through an internal email about the issue after the initial news was published and provided them with a 10 point list. Our list provides various informations how members of the scientific staff (doctoral students, postdocs, higher scientific staff) can receive help in case of issues and give suggestions how they can contribute to make ETH Zurich a better place to be.

We would like to wholeheartedly thank the authors and 700 supporters of the “letter of support for ETH researchers”. Your supportive message was well received amongst many people at ETH Zurich.


News articles:

“Eklat an der ETH: Professorin mobbt Studenten” initial news article by NZZ am Sonntag
English translation by
“Swiss university dissolves astronomy institute after misconduct allegations” by
“Administrative enquiry opened” by ETH Zurich
“Sie tippte mir auf die Stirn und sagte, mein Gehirn sei zu klein” by Tagesanzeiger
“ETH leitet Untersuchung gegen Professorin ein” by Tagesanzeiger
“ETH hat Hinweise ignoriert” by NZZ am Sonntag
“Hundreds of astronomers rally behind whistleblowers at controversial Swiss institute ” by
“Backlash after shutdown of Swiss astronomy institute” by

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