AVETH volunteer opportunities!

January 8, 2018 Anna No comments exist

AVETH is looking for you!


We are looking for new volunteers in our working groups, commissions and our board. Get in touch with us through info@aveth.ethz.ch or by directly contacting one of our board members.


We represent and help doctoral students, postdocs and higher scientific staff at ETH. This involves a wide range of topics and services that are dutifully taken care of by many volunteers. Help us to continue an almost 50-year-old association by contributing to its legacy in an engaging and rewarding way.


  • Are you interested in scientific, social and career events where our members get informed, have fun and network? Contribute to memorable events by taking part in our events team!


  • Do you have a fable for spreading messages, creating and maintaining content or a simple desire to engage people in a discussion? Join our communications team and help to advertise our events and spread the latest news from our working groups and commissions.


  • Are you interested in politics, governance and decision making at a large organisation like ETH? Help us to collect opinions within our politics team, represent them in commissions and debate with various stakeholders!


  • Do you have an open ear for the struggles of your colleagues? Be there for someone who is having trouble by joining our counselling team.


Many opportunities await in our association and they will surely be a rewarding experience. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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