Tues. 09.01.2018: AVETH Politics Meeting

January 8, 2018 Anna No comments exist

The next AVETH Politics Meeting will take place TOMORROW, 9.1.18 in SOL B4 at 19.00.


Currently we have the following topics:

  1. Position paper by Actionuni “valorisation of Swiss non-professorial academic staff”
  2. ETH+ initiative: Proposal from AVETH for career development project (e.g. soft-skill platform? in collaboration with HR?)
  3. Communication and action in case of poor leadership
  4. Varia


A short explanation for topic 3: The current “system” (ombudsperson, counselling team, HR etc.) has developed over time with all its pros and cons. We would like to collect some rough ideas how poor leadership could be identified and mitigated at an early stage and how one would set up a “help system” completely from scratch (what elements would be needed? e.g. do you actually need an ombudsperson? Should there be an explicit whistle-blower protection? etc.). The idea is to compose a “wish list” and then see what elements are already present and what is missing.


When: Tuesday, 09.01.2018, 19:00

Where: SOL B4, ETH Zurich Zentrum

Questions? Contact Luca Isenmann, politics@aveth.ethz.ch


I hope to see many of you there!

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