About us


About Us

The Academic Association of Scientific Staff at the ETH Zurich (AVETH) officially represents all non-faculty scientific staff in various decision-making bodies at ETH Zurich. Our mission is to make ETH a better place to learn, teach, do research and live.

AVETH organizes the political representation of the scientific staff at ETH, holds a variety of events and offers counseling and other services for its members.

Organized in 18 sub-associations in all departments at ETH, AVETH counts more than 2000 members.

AVETH works on the principles layed out in its bylaws and rules of procedure.




The AVETH board, which consists of a president, his deputy, a treasurer and several other regular board members, organizes and coordinates all AVETH activities. Since AVETH aims at putting forth representative opinions, we need your input!

The board members at the GA in September 2017

Department Associations

The department associations represent the scientific staff within their department. They act as sub-organizations of AVETH and organize a variety of events.



Telejob is an AVETH sub-organization that supports students and scientists at ETH Zurich in finding employment. Together with the career center, Telejob runs the job platform ETHgethired.



AVETH is currently contributing and participating in the decision making process of the following ETH commissions. All commissions are held in German (except ActionUni).