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Let’s face it: your time as a PhD student is all about how to do correct science and to sum it up into a paper. However, questions like how a good overview graphic is put together, which colors should one use in which context, or how data is clearly arranged, seem to be of less importance. Science matters and not nice pictures, right? Wrong, and you know it. With the Scientific Data Visualization Workshop we put together an afternoon of talks from experts in the field of data visualization. The talks range from a scientific- to a graphical background. During 45 min lectures you will learn, for example on the basis of negative examples, how to best visualize the important points of your work! Each talk is followed by a Q&A session. During an Apéro there will be time to network and further discuss visualization ideas.

June 10, 2017 Anna No comments exist

VMUSYS is organizing the course Leadership & Success in the Academic Community for PhD students, Post-Docs and Senior Researchers for the USYS department at ETH Zentrum in September given by Sarah Shephard. We have 5 places left and are opening it up to AVETH members from other departments. Please let us know quickly if you want to participate.

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AVETH is inviting you to see one of the world’s leading private collections of clocks that can be found at the Beyer Clock and Watch Museum. Over 300 very valuable exhibits present the history of timekeeping from 1400 BC to the present day: from sundials to water and tower clocks, Renaissance automata, magnificent pendulum clocks, elaborately decorated pocket watches and the prototype of the first quartz wristwatch. Scientific navigation devices and some very fragile automatic watches are also featured. Due to the size of the museum number of participants is limited to 15.

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You are cordially invited to join the “Science in Perspective Talks”, organized by the D-GESS, which tackles current scientific and social questions and highlights what contributions the humanities, social and political sciences can make to these topics. Examples include internet security, monetisation of higher education or the bashing of scientific experts by politicians. The first event this semester is about “Internet and Trust”.

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Join AVETH for a day of fun and excitement in one of the biggest theme parks of Europe. We have chartered a bus with driver, which leaves at 7am at Carpark Sihlquai in Zurich to arrive in Rust (Germany) around 9:10am when the park opens. The bus also brings us back from Rust at 6:30pm such that we return to Carpark Sihlquai in Zurich around 8:40pm. Luckily there will be no school holidays in Switzerland, France or Germany and since we are going during the week, we expect short queues and even more roller-coaster rides.

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Join AVETH for a pub-crawl to get to know the bar scene around Escher-Wyss-Platz and meet new people on the tour. We start at 8 pm at Gerold’s Garten and make our way along Big Ben and Damm Bar. The more energetic party people can continue to dance till morning at Hive or Supermarket. The first drink during the event is free for every AVETH member and an accompanied non-AVETH member, willing to become a member. Feel free to join and leave the crawl at any point (contact host if you join along the way). No need to sign up, but helpful to give us an estimate!

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Do you want to work on exciting projects about sustainability, AI ethics, and mobility this summer while getting connected to other students from IDEA League universities? Take a look at the fully funded Summer Schools at TU Delft, RWTH Aachen, Chalmers and Politecnico di Milano and make sure you apply before April 21st!  http://idealeague.org/summerschool