Upcoming Projects

  • AVETH survey on supervision for doctoral students at ETH: AVETH plans to conduct a survey on the supervision practice at ETH.
    - How doctoral students are supervised during their thesis?
    - How do doctoral students supervise undergraduates?
    This survey is planed for release in early Spring 2017.
  • AVETH report about women at ETH: In collaboration with the Equal! Office of ETH Zurich, AVETH is working on a report summarizing the situation of female doctoral students and postdocs. Some of the main points of the analysis are the drop-out rates and drop-out reasons of female students.

If you would like to become active or know more about our planned projects, don’t hesitate to contact Martin and Romain.


Completed Projects

  • AVETH survey on salary and duties (11/2014): The survey was conducted in line with the implementation of new employment regulations for ETH doctoral students for 2015. Based on 1202 completed answers, it summarizes their current employment situation and their corresponding opinion about employment level and additional duties. Read more>


Position Papers