OP Denosumab Regular Exercise

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Osteoporosis Denosumab
Regular Exercise

Mechanism: Denosumab is injected every 6 months. After every denosumab injection, the osteoclasts die because of the absence of RANKL. In the time between one injection and the next, osteoclasts are formed from precursors. As a result of accumulation of osteoclast precursors due to blocking of differentiation by denosumab, the osteoclast recovery increases over time.

This osteoporotic patient has low bone density, elevated resorption and formation with resorption even higher than formation. Treating with denosumab almost completely eliminates resorption and is the best treatment for this osteoporotic patient, especially when combined with high loads that stimulate formation and increase the net positive trend in bone density.

This is indeed the best combination of treatment and exercise level for this osteoporotic patient. Congratulations and thank you!!!