AVETH is actively involved in the internal political life at ETH Zurich.

At ETH Zurich doctoral students, PostDocs and the permament scientific staff are united in one block called scientific staff. AVETH is the official representation of the scientific staff in all political institutions at ETH Zurich. Twice a year AVETH holds its general assembly where representatives to ETH commissions, such as university assembly (HV), AVSZ, Gastro commission, etc., are elected.

 Generally, there are four university groups at ETH that are represented by the following organizations:

Each group participates in the commissions with equal rights.

Politics Team

One of AVETH's main tasks is the political representation at different levels of ETH. The Politics Team deals with ETH university politics and meets monthly to discuss and work on:

  • statements on new regulations at ETH
  • topics that arise from the scientific staff

Our meetings are open for all scientific staff to join the discussions.
You can import the AVETH Politics Team to your personal calendar or
just have a look at the planned dates for 2017.

Next Politics Team Meeting

March 8th - 7pm-8:30pm  @ SOL B 4


The Politics Team coordination is currently handled by Luca Isenmann.


Luca Isenmann

If you would like to get involved in discussions on university politics you are welcome to join the Politics Team of AVETH. Anyone can attend our meetings without commitment. If you have any questions or want to raise additional topics please contact Luca directly.

Important Projects

  • AVETH survey on supervision: We launched in September 2017 to monitor the supervision of doctoral students. The survey is currently ongoing.
  • AVETH survey on salary and duties: A first survey was conducted in line with the implementation of new employment regulations for ETH doctoral students for 2015. We launched in October 2016 a follow-up survey to monitor the evolution of the employment conditions of doctoral students.
  • AVETH survey on permanent scientific staff: In 2015, AVETH conducted a survey amongst the permanent scientific staff on their representation in commissions on various ETH levels.

See all our projects and position papers here.