University Assembly

The University Assembly (UA) is a body composed equally of elected representatives of the four university groups – teaching faculty, scientific staff, students, and administrative and technical staff. The University Assembly is involved in consultations and approvals within ETH Zürich and the ETH domain. It is an independent body representing the overarching interests of all members of ETH Zürich and fosters an open exchange with the ETH executive board. Meetings take place in German.

Strategy Commission

The Strategy Commission advises the Vice President Research and Corporate Relations and the Executive Board on developing the ETH Zurich strategy. It consists of five representatives of the professors and one representative from each of the three non-professorial university groups. AVETH is represented by:

Teaching Commission

The Teaching Commission is an advisory body of the Executive Board. In the context of the development of ETH Zurich as a university it is responsible for managing the innovation of teaching and learning in the educational division. The focus of the Teaching Commission is to support teaching innovation and projects in the framework of Innovedum.

Disciplinary Committee

The disciplinary committee is headed by the Rector of ETHZ and consists of 1 representative and 1 deputy. The conversations are mostly in German and are organized whenever there is a sensitive case to be discussed. All conversations and transcripts are completely confidential which is why the members are always pooled out of the Counselling team.

Catering Commission

The Catering Commission advises the Executive Board on all gastronomy and retail matters (G&R) at ETH Zurich. It plays a significant role in formulating requirements, developing strategies and plans, and ensuring quality. It is also concerned with operational issues that affect the user.


ASVZ is the organization providing sports opportunities to students and employees of Zurich’s universities, including ETH. The ASVZ board has members from many university organizations in Zurich, one of which is AVETH. We representatives take part in regular board meetings and advise and decide on long-term strategies. We are also contact persons for AVETH members regarding ASVZ-related questions, ideas or complaints.

Psychological Counseling Committee

The psychological counseling committee is a direct communication between the Psychologische Beratungsstelle at UZH and the 1 representative and 1 deputy. The meetings are organized bi-yearly and are mostly in German with the possibility of English. All conversations and transcripts are completely confidential which is why the members are always pooled out of the Counselling team.

Charlotte Lang


Didactic Training Commission

The main focus of the Didactic Training Commission is quality management with respect to teacher education. This includes approving courses for the respective programs and appointing didactic experts, mentors, and teachers responsible for student supervision.

Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme

The Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme (ESOP) supports students with a scholarship, mentorship and a network of the ETH Foundation. After the departments made their preselection of candidates, this committee gives the final advise to the ETH foundation who to grant a scholarship. The commission meets once a year at the start of spring. Meetings take place in German.

Arbitration Committee for Doctoral Studies

The arbitration committee for doctoral studies is only convened whenever a situation occurs in which a doctoral student needs to have an official mediation between themselves and their professor. This committee and all their activities are completely confidential and thus the members are always pooled out of the Counselling team.

WOKO Student Housing Cooperative Zürich (&Audit)

WOKO is one of the biggest student housing providers in Zurich with almost 4000 rooms offered in and around the city. AVETH is one of the cooperative’s members, and we as representatives take part in regular meetings, elect the members of the board and bring in the ideas and opinions of AVETH members.

Insights Forum

The aim of the Insights Forum is sharing information about the activities of other ETH internal units and networking. It was recently renamed from “International” to “Insights”, as it no longer concerns only international events taking place at ETH, but any kind of events that may be of interest to the broader ETH community.

Forum Nachwuchsförderung

Forum for discussing and exchanging knowledge regarding important issues revolving around career development of young researchers at ETH.

ETH Store AG Executive Board

ETH Store AG Student Advisory Board

The ETH Store Student advisory board advises the ETH Store AG and consists of members of VSETH and AVETH. This board wants to close the gab between the needs of users and the offers at the store.
The advisory board meets twice a year, meetings take place in German.

Student project house advisory Board

In the Student Project House (SPH), you can find makerspace, co-working and event space. All available to ETH Students to use for free. The SPH advisory board helps manage the SPH.

ENHANCE Alliance

Alliance of European universities, we have a seat on their general assembly, it’s all in English and just one meeting/year

Sounding Board ETH Net Zero Program

Crucial position, should always be someone from the AVETH Sustainability team