We bring people together by regularly organizing events. Social events such as our ski weekend or our pub-crawl bring people of different departments and backgrounds together.

Excursions help to broaden the horizon and deepen the identification of our international community with Switzerland and thus foster the academic community at ETH. Moreover we regularly organize career-related events that aim to provide insights and advice for how to pursue academic and industrial careers for doctoral students and post-doctorates.

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AVETH Diversity Seminar Series 2023: First-generation students and academics at Swiss Universities: how social origin shapes educational biographies and careers

AVETH Diversity invites you to a seminar on first-generation students and academics in Switzerland.  In Switzerland today, the social origin, the socio-economic status, and the parents’ educational background still strongly determine[…]

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ETH Diversity active lunch break “Get to know your own biases”

We all have biases. There is nothing wrong with it. But it might lead to discrimination and inequality in some cases when it is not actively managed. This is why[…]

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AVETH Diversity Seminar Series 2023: Diversity Space Meeting or How to Create an Unbiased* Mind

AVETH Diversity invites you to an interactive workshop about effective communication. In our ETH community we meet and work with people from different cultural, ethnic, social, and generational backgrounds. Effective communication is[…]

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