Doctoral Student Salaries

Timeline of salary discussions:

Nov 2022:

Announcement that there will be inflation adjustments for everyone except doctoral students.

Julia Dannath, ETH vice-president meets with us and promises to create working group with profs and departments representatives to solve this. 

Dec 2022

AVETH creates a dedicated internal taskforce with representatives from all departments to achieve 3 goals:
– Immediate significant relief for students at rates 1 and 2.

– Regular salary adjustments matching those of other ETH employees.

– Equitable and sustainable strategy to reduce the wage disparity

Jan 2023

D-BIOL and D-GESS departments with all PhD students at standard level give out bonus 1000 CHF payment to their doctoral students 

Mar 2023

SNF 2.5% adjustment for all doctoral salaries

Jan – Oct 2023

Working group with AVETH, VPPL and departments discusses options for doctoral salary system. AVETH argues our case, prepares and distributes info posters (e.g. the one on the right), collects testimonies. Working group reaches agreement to help doctoral students at the lowest salary level.

Jan 2024

Schulleitung finances centrally 5% adjustment for standard level for January 2024 and decoupling doctoral salaries from SNSF and coupling them to other ETH staff salaries ! Thank you !

We will continue to ensure that doctoral students’ voices are heard.,

To stay up to date on the developments of the working group, please fill in this form.

For comments, questions or thoughts, please feel free to email us.

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