Diversity Award

The Annual AVETH Diversity Award will honor an ETH scientific staff member who has contributed significantly to the advocation for diversity at ETH Zürich and beyond. The recipient will be chosen from nominations submitted by the ETH Zürich community.

Nominees for this award are expected to have made noteworthy impact in increasing diversity and the inclusion of underrepresented or marginalized groups within ETH. A nominee can either be a person (linked to an organisation or not), or an organization.

The award includes a trophy, spot-light on the ETH diversity webpage, and a 500 CHF prize. The cash prize will be awarded to an individual or organization with the goal of amplifying ongoing efforts to promote diversity and inclusion. The nominee could for example improved working conditions of gender minorities, or organised an anti-racism campaign.  

The award will be announced each year on 31st of March in recognition of Equal Pay Day.

Please send your nominations year round to diversity@aveth.ethz.ch.  In your nomination please include: [1] your name, [2] the name and e-mail of your nominee, [3] and a brief explanation of why you are nominating this person/organization. You may submit multiple nominations for different people and organizations.