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Social justice seminar series Nov 3, 11, 16, 30 17:00-18:00

The 2021 AVETH Social Justice Seminar Series is focused on disability rights and studies. Each year, this seminar series concentrates on a theme to create scholarly opportunities to learn more[…]

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PolyHack for the climate October 30th to 31st

We are looking for some helpers that could take some shifts during PolyHACK 2021, our annual hackathon, that will happen in the Student Project House on October 30/31. The tasks of[…]

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Oracle Script Workshop October 21st, 2021 19:00 – 21:30

Join our upcoming Oracle Script Workshop to learn the meaning behind the ancient Chinese characters. During the workshop, you will be practising different oracle characters through pencil carving onto a[…]

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Mental Health Survey (with cool prices!)

The mental health of students has suffered significantly during the pandemic. But even before Covid-19 students have been a particularly vulnerable  group in regards to mental health. For this reason[…]

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InterDiscpZurich- October 18th, 2021, 19:15

InterDiscpZurich is an interdisciplinary group of PhD students and postdocs from ETH and UZH. Active since February, we meet once a month for drinks, chats, and science. Let’s widen our[…]

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Business Tools Online Classes 2nd semester 2021

Die nützlichen und praxisbezogenen Kurse der Business Tools finden auch im 2. Halbjahr 2021 alle samstags online von 8h-17h statt (Ausnahme: ExamPrep und StudyEssentials freitags von 13-18h) und sind für[…]

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Steve McCurry Exhibition

Join us for the fascinating journey across the world of Steve McCurry – one of the greatest contemporary photographers! The exhibition at MAAG Halle contains 148 extraordinary images from countless[…]

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ETH Climate Panel Discussion October 26th, 17:00 to 19:30

Net-Zero : How can we achieve climate neutrality? Climate change continues to impact more people every year. We need to act quickly. If global emission levels must be reduced to[…]

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