Climate change conversations April 8th, 2021

Climate change conversations April 8th, 2021

Is climate change giving you a headache? Let’s talk about it!

Many people are afraid of climate change; others feel sad, angry, or guilty. Some are desperate to do something immediately and others feel confused or powerless and don’t believe they can make a difference. We have found that it can be helpful for people with a wide variety of perspectives to have a direct and honest conversation with others about these issues. In small groups of 5-10 people, we sit together for an evening (currently virtually) to talk about what climate change means for us personally. It is not about being right and wrong – it’s just about having a good conversation. Everybody is welcome and participation is entirely free.

Where, when/registration info: virtual (Zoom meeting), 8th of April 19:30-21:30, registration by email to

Organizing body: 4 PhD students and a master student all studying at ETH, Environmental Department (USYS)