Month: May 2023

Public lecture “Ukraine Beyond the War – Civil Reconstruction and Military Security”

We, UASAZ (Ukrainian Association of Students and Academics in Zurich), are happy to announce that on Thursday, 8 June 2023 at 18:30 we are hosting a lecture given by PD Dr. Marcus Matthias Keupp, Military Academy at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich “Ukraine beyond the war – civil reconstruction and military security”. The…
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Interested in AI and the future of health care? Join us in Zurich at ETH to learn and discuss the latest trends in the field!

SPP Meetup Zurich is organised by Polonium Foundation in collaboration with AVETH, the association of scientific staff at ETH, supported by our Platinum Partner NCBR IDEAS, and honorary patronage of the Polish Embassy in Bern. The event will take place on 23rd September 2023 in Zurich, Switzerland, in the central campus of ETH. We would…
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D-PHYS has joined WiNS

WiNS was founded as the female association of D-CHAB in 2014. We were joined by D-BIOL in 2021 and recently by D-MATL and finally D-PHYS! We are thrilled to announce that we now officially represent female PhD students and scientific staff in D-PHYS – welcome!

WiNS Pub Quiz

Finish off the semester right by joining us for our next social event – the WiNS Pub Quiz! Meet new people and test your knowledge on feminist icons across science, music, pop culture and more! Expect a relaxed and fun evening, with plenty of time to mingle and let your hair down with our beautiful WiNS community. There will…
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Planted Foods Tour

Have you ever been curious about the production process of meat replacements? The recent ETH Spin-Off Planted Foods is doing exactly that. With AVETH, you have a chance to tour their production facilities and learn about the science behind delicious food that looks and tastes like meat, but isn’t meat. Join us at the Planted…
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An Open Letter Regarding “Leaky Pipeline in der Wissenschaft”

AVETH Diversity has co-authored a response to the recent controversy regarding the “Leaky Pipeline in der Wissenschaft” study from researchers at UZH, AVETH Diversity strongly disagrees with the conclusions and recommendations of the authors, as well as the sensationalized media coverage of the topic. We are committed to improving ETH so that all students and…
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ETH’s Student Project House

Come discover the Student Project House and interact with Doctoral students who are taking their research off the ground! The Student Project House (SPH) is a place for creation and innovation, where ETH students can work on their projects alone and in groups. SPH provides support through coaching, mentoring, workshops, working space and a community…
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World Press Photo 2023

Join us for a guided tour of World Press Photo 2023 – the most stunning photojournalism of the last year! The photos are selected by an international jury out of more than 60,000 entries by 3,752 photographers from 127 countries. The subjects range from the war in Ukraine to the impact of climate change and…
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Sustainability @ ETH?

Join us to make ETH a more sustainable place! AVETH is concerned about sustainability at ETH and wants to work closer with ETH Sustainability Group and the dedicated commissions at different departments. For that we are searching for a team of dedicated volunteers. The main tasks of the team will be Contact us via…
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MaP Graduate Symposium and MaP Award Final 2023

Do you work in Materials and Processes? Then don’t miss the MaP Graduate Symposium this June. We offer you an opportunity to present your research and network with like-minded people.  Doctoral students, apply for a talk or a poster. If your abstract is selected for a talk, you will get an ideal platform to practice…
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