Month: July 2023

“A Change of Perspective” awareness-raising workshops (in a wheelchair or with a cane or simulation glasses)

In this workshop, you will learn about the obstacles people with disabilities face on a daily basis and discover approaches to removing these obstacles. In A Change of Perspective, you will gain first-​hand experience in a wheelchair or with a cane and simulation glasses, and feel how people with disabilities perceive their surroundings and what they have…
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Science Polish Perspectives Meetup Zurich 2023

Interested in AI and the future of health care? Join us in Zurich at ETH to learn and discuss the latest trends in the field! SPP Meetup Zurich is organised by Polonium Foundation in collaboration with AVETH, the association of scientific staff at ETH, supported by our Platinum Partner NCBR IDEAS, and honorary patronage of…
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Set up an ETH – EPFL Summer School 2024!

Summer schools organised by mixed committees consisting of ETH and EPFL doctoral students can be funded with up to CHF 20 000. Put your team together to submit your application by 1 October 2023. Further information:


The Postdoc+ team is organizing its annual barbecue – this time, we’re making it sustainable! If you are a postdoc or a senior scientist, join us on August 19th in the afternoon at the Alumni Pavillon for vegan food and drinks. Participation is free, but please bring your own plates, cutlery, and cups! Partners and…
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WiNS Career Series: Celerion

Join us for an exciting episode of the WiNS Career Series! The event will take place on Thursday, 27.07.23 17:30-18:00 in HCI J7 Meet Jasmin van den Heuvel who is currently a Bioanalytical Principal Investigator at Celerion. Jasmin completed her PhD at ETH Zurich at the end of 2020 in the group of Prof. Kutay…
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ETH Week 2023 is open to doctoral students From 10 – 15 September, the eighth edition of ETH Week will take place. This year, the programme will deal with the opportunities and challenges of transitioning to a circular economy. ETH Week is a once-in-your-studies opportunity to connect with more than 60 influential experts, meet awesome…
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Mental Health Month – Free to attend awareness events

MeWell Community and other mental health organisations are holding awareness events across Zurich this October. From important topics like stress management and positive relationships to the underrepresented ones like grief over loss of loved ones and mental health journeys of minority groups, we’ve got you covered! Check out our website or follow us on social…
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