Mental Health Month – Free to attend awareness events

Mental Health Month – Free to attend awareness events

MeWell Community and other mental health organisations are holding awareness events across Zurich this October. From important topics like stress management and positive relationships to the underrepresented ones like grief over loss of loved ones and mental health journeys of minority groups, we’ve got you covered! Check out our website or follow us on social media for the latest updates. We’re also always happy to hear from those passionate about mental health awareness and are looking for people to join our event organising and PR teams.

Event Program:

2nd October – Grief and how to deal with a loved one’s death

3rd October – Mental health and relationships: how socialising and partnerships fuel us

10th October – MeWell x Mindful[L] x Nightline: have some cake with us on world mental health awareness day

18th October – Mental Health & Balance: Understanding stress and basics in stress management

TBD October – MeWell x HOPZ: Mental Health Journeys of LGBTQIA+ People

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