Doctoral studies in the spotlight – Symposium “Doctoral Supervision”

Doctoral studies in the spotlight – Symposium “Doctoral Supervision”

What makes good supervision for doctoral students? What factors define the relationship between the supervisor and the doctoral student? A two-day symposium was held in January at the ETH main building to answer these and many other questions.

In total, 200 ETH lecturers, half of them professors at all levels, about 80 doctoral students (including many representatives from AVETH and our department associations), 60 administrators and 40 guests from universities in Switzerland and abroad accepted the invitation to attend the Doctoral Supervision symposium.

Five international experts gave talks on current research in the area. The themes arising were then discussed in workshops, where participants also reflected on their personal experiences in practice.

Watch all keynote speeches including welcoming address, introduction and wrap-up on video.

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Source: ETH News – Roland Baumann