New AVETH president and board

New AVETH president and board

The AVETH general assembly elected a new board and commission representatives on Thursday 12.3.2020. Thanks to everyone who managed to join (physically or remotely) and contribute to the last general assembly.

Martin Roszkowski stepped down as the president of AVETH after 2.5 years. Previously, Martin was already involved in the politics team and also represented the scientific staff in various commissions and the university assembly. He will continue to represent AVETH in the critical thinking board and the ETH Store student advisory board, and remain available for advising the next board and presidency.

Rosa Visscher was unanimously elected as the new president of AVETH. Rosa was previously the secretary-general of AVETH and part of the diversity working group. In addition, she’s contributed to the academic community in Zurich already with her volunteering as the vice-president of Women in Data Science Zurich, member of Young Caritas and the RuG alumni association.

Linda Wehner was re-elected as the vice-president of AVETH. Linda was responsible for the 50th anniversary of AVETH in 2019 and is a dedicated member of the counseling team. Similarly, Alexander Viand was re-elected as the treasurer of AVETH. Alexander is also very active in his department association.

Cyprien Hoelzl was elected as the new secretary-general of AVETH. He will be responsible for updating the membership database and the archives of AVETH.

We’d like to thank all board members that decided to continue their volunteering and particularly welcome our new board members and wish them a great time:

  • Sandro Luh, Telejob chairman
  • Evgeniya Vorobyeva, Postdoc+ coordinator
  • Christina Tsalicoglou, Politics
  • Lida Vadakumchery, Politics
  • Ivan Puddu, Counseling
  • Andreas Dounas, Politics

In addition, we elected the following coordinators and deputies for the different working groups in AVETH:

  • Politics: Viktoria Gerken and Andreas Dounas (Deputy)
  • Events: Rashmi Rai-Rawat and Anastasia Sycheva (Deputy)
  • Postdoc+: Evgeniya Vorobyeva
  • Diversity: Iris Hordijk and Mark Anthony (Deputy)
  • Counseling: Florentine Veenstra and Anne Jomard (Deputy)
  • Communication: Deepak Ravi Kumar (External) and Eric Burns (Internal)

Finally, we’d like to thank in addition all the board members that resigned. The farewell speeches will be available in the minutes of this GA.

  • Martin Roszkowski – since September 2016, politics and later president
  • Iselin Medhaug – since September 2017, Postdoc+ coordinator
  • Claire Bourquard – since February 2018, Politics coordinator
  • Diyora Salimova – since September 2017, Events
  • Francesco Ortelli – since March 2019, Anniversary and Communication
  • Konrad Jakubowski – since October 2018, Telejob President
  • Xiaopu Wang – Since March 2019, Telejob treasurer
  • Marie Andrä – since February 2018, Telejob VP

Last but not least, we’d like to thank the following members who represented AVETH in various commissions:

  • Helge Fuchs – Forums Nachwuchsförderung (+long time politics team)
  • Cecilia Nicoletti – Disciplinary commission
  • Petros Papadopoulos – Gastronomy commission
  • Simon Bachler – ActionUni
  • Thomas Mathis – Board ETH Store AG
  • Paolo Testa – Student advisory board of ETH Store AG
  • Michael Ferguson – Student advisory board of ETH Store AG