UASAZ Art Workshop

UASAZ Art Workshop

Join our Art Workshop and explore the world of watercolour painting! This class is designed for all skill levels, led by Anish Kirtane, a passionate PhD student and a skilled painter.

During the workshop, you’ll learn watercolour techniques and create your own painting, inspired by beautiful scenes from Crimea. Anish will provide step-by-step guidance to ensure that everyone can enjoy and succeed in their artistic journey.

Relax, get inspired, and let your creativity flow at our Art Workshop!

We will provide painting supplies, snacks and beverages.

The participation fee for members of UASAZ is 10 CHF, and non-members – 20 CHF. We AVETH also promote it.

Participant number is limited, so don’t miss out on the opportunity and register!

21 June 2023, 18:15

ETH Zentrum Campus, HG D 16.2

You can check Anish works on his instagram ( and youtube (