PolyHack for the climate October 30th to 31st

PolyHack for the climate October 30th to 31st

We are looking for some helpers that could take some shifts during PolyHACK 2021, our annual hackathon, that will happen in the Student Project House on October 30/31. The tasks of the helpers include 

  • directing students (schedule & location)  
  • looking over students, especially in the night shifts (security) 
  • distributing snacks and beverages during the hackathon 
  • organizing the hacking space (moving desks & chairs) 

The helpers themselves will be also covered with plenty of snacks and beverages during their shifts :wink:
We would highly appreciate your help! And it is a great opportunity to socialize with a lot of fun (like in 2019):slightly_smiling_face:Please let us know if you have further questions. You can sign-up here


team PolyHACK 2021