Questions for ETH Pavilion during WEF

Questions for ETH Pavilion during WEF

The Office of the President wants to get your questions for our RETHINKING LIVING Pavilion, hosted by ETH Zurich during the WEF annual meeting in Davos:

When you re-think living: What question(s) come to mind? What concerns you most? What’s the question you wish you had the answer to?

The Office will pick a diverse and stimulating set of questions from the collected responses and display them with your name and affiliation at the ETH Pavilion and perhaps in an ETH booklet of questions. You can find examples of questions below.

In RETHINKING LIVING, the goal is to re-think different conceptions of living, re-evaluate life choices, and re-consider the changes we would like to see in the world. What is life? How do we live? What will life be like?
How to participate

Collect your question(s) related to re-thinking living and send them in via the following link:

You can hand in your questions by 10.12.2021 (in English or German).

Does your question fit?

You are free to send any questions you have. From basic to specific, from personal to general, from cautious to provocative – every question is welcome!


  • What do we still need to learn/study/know if AI can help us with anything?
  • Is there other life out there?
  • Do other animals have a moral?
  • What happens if we all work only 18 hours a week?
  • How can we prevent that Artificial Intelligence increases the gap between rich and poor?
  • Will we stop eating meat and dairy products?
  • Why do we waste time?
  • How can we communicate with plants?
  • On what will we spend most of our money? Housing? Food? Technical assistance?

Many thanks in advance for your questions!

Office of the President
Community & Outreach Team