At AVETH we #StandWithUkraine

Families of our dear friends and board members are affected by the war in Ukraine. We are deeply concerned and call to all AVETH members for support. Here is how you can help:  

Options for direct support of Ukraine are listed here:

For humanitarian aid, here is the possibility to the UN Ukraine Humanitarian Fund:

There are also possibilities to help directly through goods collections and other initiatives organized in Zurich, you can stay up to date with what is needed via this page: https://www.facebook.com/ZHhelpsUkraine/

The Ukrainian Embassy in Switzerland also opened a special account to which direct transfers can be made in CHF for support of e.g., sending goods, helping refugees etc. Details below:

Ukrainischer Verein in der Schweiz
Ostgruppe Bern
CH46 0900 0000 6139 4791 7
Konto 61-394791-7

Moreover, there are ways you can help Ukrainian scientists! Through the initiative #ScienceForUkraine, you can register if your lab is willing to accept students / researchers for internships: https://scienceforukraine.eu/ or using this form: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jGFCqP2kj1ZAN6xy6EoRN1bozaggk9VEsbzYaIkkYcQ/htmlview#gid=0. There is also such initiative in Poland, so please spread the word: https://amu.pan.pl/en/wsparcie-dla-uczonych-z-ukrainy/. In Switzerland, SNSF also supports Ukrainian researchers, currently via Scholars at Risk, but there will be more support organize so stay up to date here: https://www.snf.ch/en/K3nRntj2wgma8Zjo/news/snsf-supports-ukrainian-researchers    #StandWithUkraine #StandForDemocracy #StopTheWar #ActNow #EveryActionCounts #ScienceForUkraine