Statement of solidarity with the people of Iran

Statement of solidarity with the people of Iran

AVETH stands in support of its members affected by the current situation in Iran. There are 82 PhD students from Iran at ETH Zürich and almost a third as many postdoctoral researchers. We acknowledge that the current situation can be deeply difficult for our colleagues who are affected, either directly or indirectly. Some may be in distress. Some may worry for their families and friends. Some may not be able to speak up due to serious risks for themselves and/or for their relatives. We offer our thoughts and support, and call on all AVETH members, as well as other staff members, students and professors at ETH Zurich for their understanding and support.

Furthermore, we support those in Iran who stand up against oppression and injustice. Schools and universities have been a site for police violence in past weeks and we have a deep solidarity with the students in Iran and their families and friends, as we cannot stand students being violently attacked, and arrested within the borders of universities and schools. We are deeply concerned over the dangers they confront, and over the loss of life and violence that has already occurred. AVETH stands against oppression, discrimination and the violation of fundamental human rights.

Those affected by the situation can make use of the following resources:

To support those affected, you can:

  • Stay informed, through public media and social media, and exchange information and thoughts with others. Information can help to reveal the malicious actions taking place and support those standing up against such actions.
  • Speak up. In the present situation, silence only supports those perpetuating violence. You can also take part in protests to make your voice heard and to show solidarity.
  • Show understanding for your colleagues that are affected. They may face great anxiety and stress, and may be struggling to act and work normally.