Venture Briefing @ETHZ

Venture Briefing @ETHZ

Register for the free online Venture Briefing @ETHZ panel discussion on June 30th from 16h00 to 17h00 and gain first-hand entrepreneurship insights with Pascal Bieri, Co-Founder of Planted Foods.

Pascal will discuss his journey and give you insights into how him and his team raised over 7 million CHF to build a successful startup, turning Planted Foods into Switzerland’s leading plant-based meat producer. We will also present financial and business development programs available to aspiring entrepreneurs such as yourself (Venture Kick, First Ventures, Innobooster), as well as answer some of your questions:

  • How to become an entrepreneur?
  • How to validate my idea?
  • How to fund my idea?
  • Where to find help to bring my idea to life?

Further details with the link to the event will be sent out a few days prior.

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When: June 30th from 16h00 to 17h00