AVETH Anti-racism statement

AVETH Anti-racism statement

The AVETH Diversity team stands in solidarity with those across the world fighting to support the lives of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). We commit ourselves to calling out and dismantling racism and patriarchal white supremacy.

Our organization recognizes the need to make meaningful progress against racism in order to support BIPOC at ETH Zürich and within our international communities more broadly. As the scientific staff at ETH, we must make urgent progress to promote diversity, inclusivity, and equitability for everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or ability. In the immediate time, we enthusiastically work to implement the following changes:

[1] Increase opportunities to engage with diversity and inclusion work that is anti-racist. This will include increasing the number of events we hold on diversity, and broadening the perspectives of speakers we invite to campus.

[2] Acknowledge the dedicated work of social justice leaders within our community via an elected AVETH Diversity award including a cash reward. We will also raise attention to those doing important diversity work via a spot-light on the AVETH webpage.

[3] Deeply address the intersection of mental health and diversity. This includes collaboration with mental health services and all diversity-based student organizations at ETH.

[4] Provide funding opportunities for diversity and inclusion work for members of the ETH community.

If we all work together, then we can make meaningful progress in improving the environment at ETH Zürich to be more inclusive for everyone. We beseech you to join us in this effort.

In solidarity,

The AVETH diversity team