Women in Science and Space: “Fascination with the Sun.” April 27th, 17:00-18:30

Women in Science and Space: “Fascination with the Sun.” April 27th, 17:00-18:30

This is the second of a series of three lectures on the topic of space offered by Professor Dr. Sarah M. Springman & Professor Dr. Louise Harra. These lectures allow us to dream, to push back boundaries, to glimpse fascinating images from space and to learn about science from beyond our earthly existence.

The second lecture will focus on the star at the centre of our solar system that provides energy for our life on Earth: the Sun. In the era of our current pandemic, it even has a Corona too, and much much more. The Sun is an active star that produces energetic explosions that can affect the technology that we rely on here on Earth – as well as creating the beautiful aurora that is a direct result of the impact of energetic particles on the Earth’s atmosphere.

Speaker: Maura Hagan is an em. Professor of Physics and Dean of the College of Science at Utah State University. She was part of the team that identified the first global connection between space weather and weather on Earth in 2006.

Speaker: Nicola J. Fox is the Director of the NASA Heliophysics Science Division. She was the lead scientist for the Parker Solar Probe, and served as the Science and Operations Coordinator for the International Solar-Terrestrial Physics Science Initiative.

Our world-renowned guest speakers will share their insights into their inspiring research, and tell us about their observations and solar space missions. We look forward to hearing, too, about their lives in science and their roles as leaders. The panel discussion will be led by Louise Harra, ETH Zurich & PMOD/WRC and Manuel Gerold from ‘ARIS – Swiss Space Initiative’. There will be many opportunities to ask questions at the end.  

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