Panel Discussion – How Do You Picture a Scientist? Inclusion, Diversity and Equity at ETH Zürich April 23rd, 17-18:30 pm

Inspired by the movie Picture a Scientist, SAM (Scientific Staff Association at the Department of Materials) is organizing a webinar about equity, diversity and women in STEM. Join us for a discussion with panelists from across the ETH hosted by Raphaela Hettlage from Equal! – the second part of the webinar will be open for…
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Removing Obstacles in Daily Life for People with Disabilities April 22nd, 12:00-13:15

ETH Zurich and the Global Shapers Zurich Hub invite you to an online dialogue on Thursday, 22 April 2021 from 12h00-13h15 CET, on the topic: FOR A WORLD WITHOUT BARRIERS – Removing Obstacles in Daily Life for People with Disabilities Take a moment to look around and consider what life would be like if activities…
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Open letter to Swiss Bundesrat: Science and education benefit from a reliable relationship with the EU

International collaboration is important and Switzerland’s participation in European research programs like Horizon Europe is dependent on the decisions we will make soon regarding our relationship with the EU. Therefore, the AVETH has co-signed an open letter to the Federal Council that they should watch out for these interests of researchers when making decisions about our relationship…
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2040 Essay Contest: A day in [y]our life Deadline 2 May 2021

Illustration: Niels Blaesi Have you ever asked yourself what kind of a world we might find ourselves thriving in 20 years from now? Share your vision and participate in the open call. Deadline: 2 May 2021 Link EN: Link DE:

Sketching Competition: Key values of ETH

ETH president Joël Mesot: “Responsibility, openness, diversity, team spirit, excellence: these are the key values defined in the Strategy and Development Plan 2021–2024, which we want to open up for broad discussion this year, as we build a stronger cultural basis for our successful and inspirational collaborations.One starting point for discussion, for example, could be…
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Online Games Event April 15th 2021

Would you like to meet other AVETH members through online games? Staying at home all week may sometimes be boring, we know that all too well! But fear not, here’s a fun way around it. Join us for an online game night, together we will play some fun games in a friendly environment! Suggested games…
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Grant open to doctoral candidates/postdocs or admin.-tech. staff with care responsibilities, deadline April 15th

This spring young researchers and administrative/technical staff working at ETH Zurich can again apply for the Robert Gnehm Grants. This is a financial support for ETH members with children, if they want to attend a conference, complete a short research stay abroad or go on a specific business trip/further education and if this results in…
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Climate change conversations April 8th, 2021

Is climate change giving you a headache? Let’s talk about it! Many people are afraid of climate change; others feel sad, angry, or guilty. Some are desperate to do something immediately and others feel confused or powerless and don’t believe they can make a difference. We have found that it can be helpful for people…
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African Students Association of Zurich Kick-Off Event April 8th, 2021

Are you an African #student and new in Zurich? Or do you have an interest in the African continent, its cultures, and projects to foster its growth? Then join @ASA_Zurich as they present their vision and their agenda for 2021. Together with the attendees, the association will discuss ideas and possible collaborations to promote #Africa…
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poly-E-fair – the Virtual Career Fair of ETH Zurich (13 April)

Are you a student, graduate or ETH staff looking for the next exciting career opportunity?Do you want to get in touch with companies in the challenging times of COVID-19 when everything has moved online? Then poly-E-fair is the choice for you! Poly-E-fair offers the best opportunity to network and apply for positions from the comfort of your couch. The…
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