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Zurich-West walking tour

Autumn is soon here, then let’s keep the summer vibes and go for a walking tour in the Zurich-West region, a trendy part of the city. Join us for an enriching, guided two h Zurich West tour. A professional guide will show us Zurich’s re-urbanized old industrial part between Toni Areal and Josefwiese (including Prime…
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Diversity Fund

Do you have an idea for an event or initiative to support diversity-related activities at ETH? AVETH Diversity offers up to 500 CHF in funding to ETH-affiliated organizations who organize diversity-related events and initiatives for the community of scientific staff. For questions, please contact  Application:

LGBTQIA+ Get-Together at ETHZ 

This fall semester, for the first time, there will be an LGBTQIA+ get-together for all ETH members who identify as part of the community or as an ally. We want to discuss how to improve the life of the LGBTQIA+ community at ETH Zurich and how to make ETH Zurich a more inclusive room free…
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Free trip to Singapore for Master/PhD students/Postdocs, application deadline October 14th, 2022

The Academia-Industry Training (AIT) Singapore connects scientists from Switzerland and Singapore and supports them in transforming their applied research into market applications with entrepreneurial potential. Apply now to be one of the 10 Swiss “Sciencepreneurs” who will bring their project to the next level. All info can be found here:

Robert Gnehm Grant for doctoral candidates/postdocs with care responsibilities

This fall researchers working at ETH Zurich can again apply for the Robert Gnehm Grant. This is a financial support for ETH members with children, if they want to attend a conference, complete a short research stay abroad or go on a specific business trip/further education and if this results in extra costs for childcare. …
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Postdoc+ BBQ 10.09.22 13:00

FREE BBQ for ETH postdocs and scientists. Read below! AVETH Postdoc+ team organizes the new BBQ party for all-ETH postdocs and scientists. On 10.09.2022, at 13:00 at the ETH Alumni Pavillion (next to the Polyterasse), snacks and food from the barbeque (meat + vegan) will be complemented by beers, wines and soft drinks. If the…
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Dandelion Entrepreneurship award: Vote until 16.09.2022 for the most entrepreneurship-friendly ETH professors

Join us in voting for the Dandelion Entrepreneurship Award 2022 by casting your vote by September 16th, 2022. This award helps us to recognize the most entrepreneurship-friendly professors at ETH Zurich. Based on the votes, a jury will pick a winner for each of the 16 departments of ETH Zurich. The jury includes representatives from…
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5 lakes hike 17.09.2022

Join us for one of the most popular hikes in Switzerland – Pizol 5-lakes-hike!  High above the timberline, a mountain trail winds through the ever-changing alpine landscape, passing five crystal clear mountain lakes –  each with its own unique character – and showing the glimpses of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Sardona. Short info:  Hike length: 11.4 km |…
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Urania-Sternwarte Zürich 09.09.2022 19:00-20:15

Are you ready to take the stairs to the sky? Urania-Sternwarte Zürich is calling you! AVETH is inviting you to visit Zürich’s 100 years old observatory and enjoy a short introduction to astronomy and the presentation of the historic telescope as a masterpiece. There will be good visibility settings for the moon, planets and stars.…
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AVETH board retreat

The board of AVETH spent a weekend in the beautiful mountains of Glarus discussing the evolution of AVETH, feedback from each team and future projects. Major agenda items included an analysis of AVETH membership over time, developing a growth strategy, planning the Write and Shut Up meetings, the Alumni Reunion (contacted 84 AVETH alumni of…
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